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It’s All About Power – boat battery management

“How long will it take until my batteries go flat if l …..”

Whether that be running a fridge plus stereo or laptop plus coffee machine – this is a question that Hayden Burn, Windcraft’s in-house electrician gets asked very often!

Prevention rather than cure is Hayden’s advice !

In his words ” The answer is always hard because there are so many contributing factors but I am a firm believer in prevention rather than cure .I have recently read this excellent article which will help our boat owners gain an understanding of battery power on board.  The article promotes the benefits of  a battery management system.”

Hayden will be very happy to help you with solutions for battery management on your Windcraft boat. Please contact Hayden via Service at Windcraft.

No more flat batteries!

Posted By admin on January 10, 2016 at 9:41 am