Keeping You On The Water




Hayden’s love of boating and being on the water fishing was the inspiration behind his change in career, from a domestic electrician to a specialist marine electrician.

A northern beaches local, Hayden has been at Windcraft for 4 years and brings a wealth of experience to the group, including five years with a marine electrical company and a six-month stint working on superyachts in Florida.

“My first job as a marine attendant at the Royal Motor Yacht Club basically led me to being an electrician on boats,” explains Hayden.

When a new boat comes in, Hayden’s first role is to commission it, making sure the electrics comply with Australian standards, before it heads to service for a final check.


The Windcraft Group’s boats’ standard and optional navigation and electrical devices, including SIMRAD, Lowrance and B&G, are all installed and serviced by Hayden, who is one of only a handful of certified B&G and SIMRAD technicians in NSW.

Hayden did his electrician’s apprenticeship on boats. Unlike domestic wiring, marine electrics are more complex and keep evolving.

Changing technology means there are new ways to do things every year and dealers regularly bring out new products and approaches which keeps things interesting.

Digital advances enable Hayden’s customers to change the mood of their sailing experience with lighting and music at the touch of a button.

Soon after starting with Windcraft, Hayden was lucky enough to visit the Hanse factory in Germany, an experience he will never forget. He found it really valuable to see first hand how the factory operates and the scale of what they do.


Spending plenty of time talking directly to customers giving advice or troubleshooting through any questions they have, Hayden is passionate about providing a personal, one-on-one service to owners for the life of the boat.

More than just another customer, Hayden knows it’s important to develop a more personal relationship with each owner to provide the best service possible.

“I’ll often talk to owners directly and, for those who are interested, I give tutorials to teach them more about the electrics so they can operate everything better and get the best out of their boat,” says Hayden.

While fishing was the first thing that got Hayden out on the water, he has developed his interest in sailing as a member of the Windcraft Sailing team on Wednesday evenings. The close and supportive team keeps Hayden motivated.

Having an expert who specialises in the boats’ unique wiring and branded electronic instruments, combined with a genuine service ethic, makes perfect sense; it means you get the best possible standard of work on your yacht.